We will discuss a very important issue related to business interests or personal use, we will determine the list of pros and cons. Let’s look at a typical example of people who love creativity writing works.

When we write something about our name, stories or other type of content, this content is called “unique“. Facebook or another social network may block it at some point or use it for their own gain but will not allow you to earn from it. If you have, say, your own blog and share your creativity, your unique content becomes available worldwide, not just on Facebook. Search engines are more loyal to sites that have unique content and display them in the first place, so you have the opportunity to a larger audience.

7 main advantages of having your own website:

1. You own a domain, you can compare this asset to real estate, your site is your asset and no one can stop it if you follow the law;

2. No one can restrict you in your publications;

3. You have the opportunity to start your own business, earn money from advertising or other legal methods;

4. You have the opportunity to integrate with all available social networks;

5. You have the ability to integrate with your mobile application;

6. You have the ability to integrate with many useful systems such as: google analytics, CRM,

7. Ability to add multimedia content of your choice: audio, video. Full integration with all existing video hosting.

Main disadvantages of sharing unique content on social networks:

-Your post is not available to everyone, facebook, for example, is constantly changing the rules, in 2014. restrict views of your posts by your friends. Even if you have say 5,000 friends, Facebook won’t show your post to all your friends. According to his famous artificial intelligence, your posts can be seen mostly by friends with whom you communicate via personal messages, or to whom you like or friends who are active. To see your post you need to subscribe with the “See First” function.

-To have more views on your posts, you need to pay for advertising on a separate created page.

-There are restrictions on adding multimedia content, for example on Facebook before there was an option to watch video directly from YouTube with a shared link, now this option is disabled.

What are the advantages of social networks?

-Most social networks provide an opportunity to take advantage of social plugins, their so-called add-ons. Add-ons can be implemented on your site, such as comments, photos, etc.

-Certain social networks provide an opportunity to communicate in thematic groups, so you can find business partners or meet positive-minded people. We looked at the pros and cons of publishing unique content, unique content is very valuable and we need to ask ourselves questions:

Why should corporations benefit from my activity?

Why can’t my unique content be sponsored?

Why are the rules constantly changing without informing us?

There are many questions, it is important to find the answers to them and to know the truth.

Thank you for your interest in the article, we wish you success in all your activities.

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