Hello, today there are various stimulants for our motivation and in the end we get a successful result. It’s about music that helps further in our creativity.

I wrote a separate article about “epic” music about a year ago, you can read it here, as I called “heroic music” in the previous article, let’s answer the question – why is it heroic?
In this music, there are special musical effects that set us up for deep immersion and the creation of logical connections.

In this publication, I present several examples that have helped me a lot in creativity and in sports, I really like to experiment and look for scientific evidence while researching.

In what way has this music helped me the most?
This music helped me develop intuition, increase motivation during strong training.

Let’s exchange different musical hits, please write music that motivates you, I will be pleased to know your opinion. After all, when we exchange useful information, it affects us positively and it is a very good experience.
Please write your version of music in the comments.

I wish you more joyful moments in your priceless life.

Happy listening

Transformers – Epic Orchestral Cover. Channel Paramedics
30 Minutes Of Badass And Relaxing Transformers Music
THERE IS A HERO IN US | Epic Music Mix
Beautiful Ethereal Ambient Orchestral Music
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