A few years ago I was developing websites for my clients and I came across an interesting case. My client told me a story, he had a small online store based on a website builder from hosting, every year the hosting raised the price for services. The main disadvantage of this situation was that there was no access to system files, it was even impossible to export the database.

Therefore, it was necessary to develop a new site from scratch, which is even more expensive. Today, there are many dependencies that offer convenient opportunities, but when it comes to expanding a business, global barriers are created. This is a global problem that has a negative impact on business expansion and increased costs.

The main factors that positively influence when it is necessary, for example, to expand a web business:

1. Full access to project system files.

2. Full access to the database.

3. Good hosting that runs on SSD by default.

4. Real hosting plan, you need to understand that there is no unlimited space, many cheap hosts use words for marketing purposes like “unlimited space“, many people buy such plans and then complain about why their sites are slow.

What is needed for the initial first web project?

1. Good hosting.

2. Clean code, or a good CMS, so that in the future you can transfer files to your own server.


4. Top level domain.

5. Create a backup copy of the site, files.

6. If CMS is installed, you need to follow the updates and update the system to improve security.

7. Create a security policy.

8. Database backup.

9. Development of a professional design for the site.

10. Connecting the site to the monitoring system, for example: uptime robot.

UptimeRobot Web App

Stable operation and expansion of the capabilities of a large web resource. It all depends on the performance of the business, if for example you have more than 1 million visits per day, you need to think about your server or order from a reliable company, it is best to order two servers.

For stable works, the following is required:

1.front server The main project with files is loaded on the first server.

2. Load balancer When the first server is attacked, the load balancer redirects the traffic to the reserve server.

3. reserve server On the backup server we store a copy of our project.

How does a load balancer work?

The goal of load balancing is to optimize resource usage, maximize throughput, improve response time, and prevent any single resource from being overloaded. Using multiple load balancers instead of a single load balancer can improve reliability and availability through redundancy. Load balancing usually involves the presence of special software or hardware, such as a multilayer switch or a domain name system, as a server process.

Naturally, there are many more factors that affect the work of small or large projects, I hope that this article has given you a general idea of ​​​​what we need to pay our attention to when we need to create a project. It is necessary to remember – control is an important aspect for the management of a business or organization. Lack of control creates problems.

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