Hello, today there are some sites that are useful for our development. I present to you the top 10 interesting sites that can make our lives easier.

1. Write a Letter to the Future

Website: futureme.org open

You can use Future Me to send emails to the future.

2 Shout into the void: a site where you can pour out your soul

Website address: screamintothevoid.com open

You can pour out your soul here. Throw out grievances, secrets and everything that you just want to throw out of your head. It goes into the void where no one can overhear or see what you have written.

3. A service that will give recipes from the food that you have in the refrigerator.

Website: myfridgefood.com open

Check out what’s in your fridge on My Fridge Food and get food ideas.

4. Timeline of the Future: Forecast Service

Website address: futuretimeline.net open

Exploring the Future Timeline is the most productive way to spend an hour or two studying current achievements and forecasts for future years and eras.

5.Free camping sites in the world

Website: freecampsites.net open

Read reviews to find out if the site is available for camping, if it is available in a given season, as well as service, availability of cellular service in the area and other nuances.

6. Online service for calculating dates

Website: timeanddate.com open

“Timeanddate.com is really helpful for calculating dates. You can add or subtract to any date.

7. Online quiz that helps the hungry.

Website: freerice.com open

“Free Rice is a kind of quiz where every correct answer helps the hungry.

8. Photopea online editor

Website: photopea.com open

It has most of the features of Adobe Photoshop, it will help with images and can even replace Photoshop.

9. Global network for searching music, books, works of art

Website: gnod.com open

The Global Network of Discovery is great for finding new music, books, art.

10. Price archive for any item on Amazon.

Website: camelcamelcamel.com open

Camelcamelcamel.com allows you to see the price history of any item on Amazon. You can also set an alert to be triggered when the price drops below a certain amount.

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