I will be very happy to share my creativity with the world, the most interesting thing is when I write down my dreams that have a certain meaning and which can not just be forgotten because I remember every detail and every moment. Based on the dreams, I had an idea in writing a script for a feature film and I think it deserves a new chapter in history.

There is so much bad news today and we are watching our world change, but you know what is the most important thing in this? Political systems change their vector of direction, but only one thing does not change – this is our faith, unshakable faith and our result, my result is creativity and I believe that planning is the first stage in the manifestation of our faith because faith manifests itself in action and planning is also action.

Political and economic systems change their vector, but creativity remains creativity, which is why I declare that my project works outside of politics and will never be connected with political topics. All publications are invaluable experience, and the only goal is to improve the quality of life, no matter the situation, I realize that it is very difficult to find an intelligent audience that is sane and wants to learn something new and useful.

Positive thinking and action give success in all areas!

Abraham Mihaylov

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, soon I’m thinking of publishing useful video content, my call is to think more about strengthening your faith and completely renewing yourself in physical and spiritual development. I wish you more positive moments in your priceless life.

My name is Abraham, I am from the city of Sofia. I like to produce films, I like writing motivating quotes that share my invaluable experience. We could say that I have quite a lot of hobbies, such as: piloting, playing the piano, cycling, mountain hiking, developing artificial intelligence, fitness training, boxing. You can see more about my activities on my official Instagram page. I really like to experiment and look for scientific confirmation by researching. Therefore, I decided to share with the world my priceless experience that will improve the quality of our lives. https://blogpowerlife.com/about-us-2/