Today there are so many opportunities to tell about yourself, to share with the world. Well-known social networks provide an opportunity to express yourself, for example, by publishing photo, video or text. Addictions on social networks occurs when a person simply looks through the profiles of strangers, that’s when a person begins to compare himself with others and this is the first stage of addiction, which is why individuality and creativity are erased. I used to be a part of it all, but it was awareness that gave me the strength to go forward to achieve my goal. You need to learn to talk to yourself, you need to have a purpose in life.

What happens if…?

For example, you need to ask yourself questions like: What happens if I don’t use social networks for 30 days?

What happens if I redirect energy to read books or create a strategy to improve the quality of life?

Conclusions and opportunities for improving the quality of life

My certain conclusions have only made me stronger, so what happens after being isolated from social media?

We need all control over our lives, if it is absent, we will be controlled by external influences.

My position in life has become solid, now I don’t care what people say if I don’t publish a photo after the next hiking trip. Now I am using my precious time to get better at sports, art, and other important things in life. It is the realization that I can achieve something more than just look at someone else’s life that gives additional motivation. If we use social media to get extra motivation to get better, that’s fine, but have you ever wondered if I’m using social media for motivation or just to waste time? Here is a very important question.

I sometimes watch profiles of different people and what they post, every day the same thing, someone posted a story on facebook or instagram, but it’s hard to understand its purpose. Why does he or she do this, in order to attract attention to himself, okay, that’s good, but why attract attention to yourself, what is the purpose of this? Is the purpose to show off or motivate other people to become better? If you use it to attract an audience for business or blog development – that’s great, in this aspect we see the goal.

The problem is not in social networks, the problem is in people who become addicted to other people’s opinions and who, because of this, procrastination starts working by default because the law of hypnotic rhythm is turned on, more about this law and how it works can be found in the book “Outwitting The Devil” by Napoleon Hill:


Even when darkness exists, there is a choice to successfully resist and create an alternate reality, because light is stronger than darkness even though it is small, it has the most power. This is how our faith works, in the beginning we get a small percentage of light, now it is only necessary to keep this light even if it is a small percentage, it is necessary to save faith and create a strategy to confirm it with action.

I wish you more positive moments in your priceless life.

My name is Abraham, I am from the city of Sofia. I like to produce films, I like writing motivating quotes that share my invaluable experience. We could say that I have quite a lot of hobbies, such as: piloting, playing the piano, cycling, mountain hiking, developing artificial intelligence, fitness training, boxing. You can see more about my activities on my official Instagram page. I really like to experiment and look for scientific confirmation by researching. Therefore, I decided to share with the world my priceless experience that will improve the quality of our lives.