Literally recently I finished “challenge 100 push ups” every day for one month and today I decided to resume this tradition, today June 1, 2022 I will be doing 100 push ups every day.

When I train every time, I feel good, especially when I train for several hours in a row, even when I’m sick – sports have helped me a lot to improve my condition faster.

Why is sport the best source of energy?

Let’s answer this question from a logical and psychological point of view, when we do sports we renew our energy and maintain strength in the muscles, I specifically changed the word “preservation” because our muscles have memory.

My positive transformation

Muscles are an indicator of stored energy that improves our overall condition, even when we are attacked by viruses and diseases – we recover faster because the strength that is stored in the muscles begins to restore the body. That is why the LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY IN OUR BENEFIT applies in this aspect.

The law of conservation of energy states: The law of conservation of energy is the basic law of nature, derived empirically, and one of several laws of conservation in physics. He argues that the total energy of a closed system is constant over time, ie. persists over time.

Our body is an autonomous closed system that works from the energy received: food, water, air. We often receive this energy but do not save it, so we need to save energy for the law of conservation of energy to work in our favor, so it is an invaluable resource for transformation and conservation of energy in improving the quality of our precious life.

I have long forgotten what colds and other diseases are because I started playing sports seriously to feel better.

7 positive factors that sport gives us.

1 Strengthening willpower and our faith.

2 Improving the emotional background.

3 Improving physical condition.

4 Improving self-esteem.

5 Extra strength and motivation to work.

6 We have better dreams.

7 Improving brain function.

Thank you for your interest in my invaluable experience, I wish you more positive moments in your invaluable life.

My name is Abraham, I am from the city of Sofia. I like to produce films, I like writing motivating quotes that share my invaluable experience. We could say that I have quite a lot of hobbies, such as: piloting, playing the piano, cycling, mountain hiking, developing artificial intelligence, fitness training, boxing. You can see more about my activities on my official Instagram page. I really like to experiment and look for scientific confirmation by researching. Therefore, I decided to share with the world my priceless experience that will improve the quality of our lives.