Nowadays there are a great variety of different web sites needed to be filled with certain content (texts) on the different topics.

How to be sure there is no needn’t of changing the text someone has written completely?

IT-technology will help to understand the level of uniqueness of the text, comparing it with others. It is so-cold ‘plagiarism’.

Which resources are there to work with? First of all it depends on the country you live in. Russian and Ukrainians in total use the following software:, Plagiarism checker, Dupli Checker, Paper Rater, Copyleaks, Plagium, Plagiarisma, PlagScan, PlagTracker etc.

In case the text is paid with the help of certain website for freelance workers it is possible to check the text there without searching for another one. For example:,, etc. It is ‘copywriting exchange’. So, freelancers will use it more often for their needs.

How does it work?

Text should be copied or saved into the document format (‘doc’ in short). After you either download and install software on your PC or surf the Internet searching the appropriate one. Any up to choose either download free or paid software, but in most cases there is no need to use paid.

Free one will be enough to be sure you may publish the text.
Certain software uses its own rules. Some has limit up to 10 000 text characters, others – more or less. The task is to paste your text into the suitable box and wait.It is possible just to add the document – the result will be the same. Sometimes it may happen you need to wait the usage of program by the others this program (in case it is used through the Internet). That’s why downloaded software will be of a great advantage: on the one hand if there is no Internet connection, on the other – you save your time without waiting in queue.

Moreover the programs mentioned above may check the grammar of the texts, punctuation and even stylistics and spelling. That’s why typed text needs checking. It may happen that even after changing the text with low uniqueness, almost nothing will change. In such case, the great amount of the document should be paraphrased or rewritten. Simply having changed certain words into their synonyms you may achieve even lower uniqueness.

Texts with high uniqueness are valued higher and, of course, it is your own intellectual property which you may sell after, for example.

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