The problem of the gap between generations is one of the most controversial. It has worried people for a long time and is still relevant.

Scientific and technological progress, the development of technology and social changes greatly affect our lives. Therefore, what was right and natural for the older generation is outdated and absurd for the younger one. In this regard, a generational conflict arises. Constant quarrels, misunderstandings, criticism and moralizing lead to the destruction of relations between family members.

Every day we need a think positive!

Some people believe that this gap between generations will never disappear, others on the contrary.
It is always more difficult for representatives of the older generation to keep up-to-date knowledge in various modern issues, and therefore it is more difficult to adapt to modern realities.

I believe that this problem can be dealt with, but most likely you will have to abandon your worldview. If you constantly engage in self-development, then you can seriously delay the age of old age, and as a result, the inertia of the brain. This will make it easier to understand current trends and be relevant for as long as possible. Also, to overcome this problem, it is necessary that the older generation communicate more with the younger.

A simple conversation is often the best tool for building trust and solving problems.
It is very difficult to find mutual understanding between representatives of the older and younger generation, but any conflict situations can be resolved.

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