One of the most important concepts in mind-body nutrition is the “power of slow”; recognizing that we do damage to ourselves at a deep level when we rush through our food, rush through our lives, without awareness of the moment or of its importance to our well-being.

The ultimate goal of mind-body nutrition and dynamic eating is to create a healthy mind-body balance by observing and reflecting on how you relate to food: what happens when you think about food and when you eat it? How aware are you of how those thoughts and feelings are impacting your body and emotions? Are you aware that your lunch or dinner hour has become a “rush hour”, not sitting down with yourself, family and/or friends and eating mindfully, but rather grabbing something at a sidewalk stand at lunch while you walk to another appointment or staying late at the office pulling something sandwich-like from a cafeteria vending machine? Do you think that those antacids you are popping are really because you just ate something too spicy or rich, or are you willing to consider that there might be a connection between your stress levels, food choices and your current acidic state?

Do not rush

It has been proven that stress (often experienced by those rushing, rushing, rushing) is a prime factor not only in heart disease, inflammatory disease, etc. but it is also a prime factor in metabolism and weight. People who live stressful lives, read that as “distress” and not “eustress”, have a greater tendency to gain weight and keep it than those who practice the “power of slow” when it comes to food.

More mindful of how you are eating, where and what you are eating. Make a conscious decision to slow down!

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