Most of us are already aware of cannibalism all thanks to the Florida incident (the gory news wherein a man was shot chewing the face of another man while both are still alive). We usually think it can only be found in the movies – more so, portrayed only by the popular cannibal character, Hannibal Lecter. But following the incident, many people were not surprised about what became of the suspect – he was addicted to cocaine. As a result, he suffered from cocaine psychosis.

Many studies have proven the effects of many forms of drugs on the human brain. It can be very damaging if one gets overdosed. Cocaine psychosis is a temporary state of mind wherein one loses control over his wits and of reality. It is brought about by taking cocaine excessively which can make the taker feel uneasy and act erratically which can often lead to very violent behaviors. The Florida incident is just one of the many incidents wherein a cocaine abuser goes crazy. It proves that too much of one thing is always never good.

Cocaine psychosis: worse than losing your mind

Cocaine psychosis is a condition caused by different uppers. Even caffeine was said to result in such a condition, too. When your mind experiences an overdose, you can expect mental suicide. The condition ensues for people who regrettably have a long history of cocaine and crack abuse. Cocaine is actually said to be the most addictive substance on earth which is why many people who start using it can hardly get themselves out of it. They are dragged to an endless pit of drug abuse that getting out is hardly possible. Also, over time people who use cocaine develop some sort of tolerance to the drug. This leads them to intake more and more until they feel the effect because they hardly feel any difference with the first few. While it is true that cocaine can give you that uplifting feeling, the effects thereafter are not so pleasant.

Diagnosing cocaine psychosis can be quite hard especially if you are not trained for such a condition. While it may manifest physical symptoms such as seizures, it is still the psychological manifestations that you should look out for. If you find someone not being himself with occasional hallucinations or even delusional actions, it can be that the person is already suffering from cocaine psychosis. Such odd behavior is very similar to a patient suffering from schizophrenia. Cocaine not only messes up with neurotransmitters in your body but also damages the capacity of your brain to think logically and function normally.

What is the difference?

It is important to know the difference between the normal effects of cocaine to that of severe effects. Cocaine psychosis is considered as a severe effect making one lose touch with what is real and become close to insanity – lunacy in some extreme cases. Normal effects would be the supercharged state, feeling high, and the occasionally induced megalomania.

Cocaine psychosis is not a condition that should be treated lightly as the effects can be very extreme and inhuman. Also, if you know someone who uses cocaine, persuade them to eventually stop or take the drug lightly.

The condition can produce effects beyond our imagination so if you can do something to prevent someone from going crazy due to cocaine, help them now.

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