I am taking on a new challenge to fight the influences that are working against me because I believe in victory.

Another quote that came to mind, I wrote this quote when I wanted to improve something in my life, so I accepted a new challenge. Therefore, I decided to share what affects our lives.

I remember one old friend told me that he was afraid to approach, get acquainted with other people and in particular with women. This hurt me, I told him that we limit ourselves and then regret it, therefore it is necessary to break stereotypes and, most importantly, not to be afraid, because the one who is afraid becomes an outsider in some direction. This acquaintance constantly told me how bad everything is and that love will find itself, that there is no need to do anything, and that is why I stopped communicating with him, because when we contact such people, their aspirations are imprinted on us and as a result we get negative.

Let’s answer one important question – what influences our aspiration?

Negative emotions create negative vibrations and worsen the emotional background!

Questions to ask every day:

What have I achieved today?

What positive emotions are positively displayed in my mind?

The whole problem is dependencies, we have many dependencies installed by default, but when we give examples, then we gradually begin to see the whole picture. Addictions that take away our initial energy.

1. Dependence on someone else’s opinion.

2. Dependence on the reaction of someone else’s opinion.

3. Repetition of someone else’s influence.

4. Create negative influence habits.

5. Creation of barriers based on external influence.

6. Creating a scenario of actions based on external influence.

All of the above factors have a negative impact and now is the moment for a positive transformation. Now it has become clear what affects our lives and how it affects our actions, every new day is a challenge for our faith.

My name is Abraham, I am from the city of Sofia. I like to produce films, I like writing motivating quotes that share my invaluable experience. We could say that I have quite a lot of hobbies, such as: piloting, playing the piano, cycling, mountain hiking, developing artificial intelligence, fitness training, boxing. You can see more about my activities on my official Instagram page. I really like to experiment and look for scientific confirmation by researching. Therefore, I decided to share with the world my priceless experience that will improve the quality of our lives. https://blogpowerlife.com/about-us-2/