Racial profiling is something that should be long forgotten in the 21st century. This act implies suspicion of a person in any transgression according to his ethnicity, race or religion. In the USA such an act may be used as a cause to stop and search black and Latino men.

There are more than 42 million African American people in the United States, which constitutes approximately 13% of the country population, let alone the Hispanics and Asians. Any imbalance in their rights may lead to a catastrophe, and that is exactly what is happening nowadays in the USA.

Social stability in any country depends on the equilibrium of rights of its citizens, and racial profiling has nothing to do with that. Lots of African Americans and people of other ethnic groups have lived long enough in the USA to obliterate the boundaries of their ethnicity. Therefore, racial profiling may seem quite offensive for individuals who view themselves as true Americans. Furthermore, such an act is quite often ineffective because it can harm innocent people, and leave the real criminals unpunished.

However, in some cases racial profiling proves to be working, which is probably one of the main reasons why it still exists. Let’s take a look at the African American situation as an example. It is a fact that the standard of living of African Americans is much lower than that of their fellow citizens. Many of them are unable to pay for their children’s education or even simply pay rent, which creates a vicious circle – lots of African Americans are denied employment due to lack of education or experience. These circumstances often lead to the state when people are ready to sell drugs or steal in order to get some money. But such a problem can be solved only by means of making alterations at the legislative level.

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