Some top foods to increase fat burning and the number of calories used each hour are also some of the most delicious.


Apples are a popular treat that many enjoy. Few people realize that the high fiber content of this fruit makes it a great choice if you want to give your metabolism a boost or shed a few extra pounds.


Grapefruit is another fruit that works wonders on the body when it comes to speeding up the calories burned each day. These also contain a lot of fiber, but this is only part of their appeal. There are also compounds that seem to help break down fat more effectively. It is better to eat the flesh rather than just drinking the juice, although if you are on the go you may get some of the same benefits without the time required to prepare a whole grapefruit.

Fruits and vegetables

Eating a rainbow of vivid colors across the entire range of fruits and vegetables will ensure the best nutritional support and prevent any deficiencies that could slow down your metabolism. For your body processes to occur properly, you need a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that can be found in many hues and shades.


Protein is also needed for you to have an effective metabolic rate and maintain a healthy weight. Choose sources that are high in this nutrient, but low in calories and fat. Chicken can be an excellent choice as long as you remove the skin and only use the white meat from the breast. Dark meat from the legs and thighs has more calories and fat.


Yogurt is another great dietary choice if you want to burn off extra calories around the clock. This dairy product contains amino acids, calcium, live cultures of bacteria that are beneficial to your digestive system, and keep you full for a longer period.

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