Here are 6 Essential Tips on How to Jump Higher in Basketball!

On the basketball court, the one who can jump higher than his opponent often has a greater advantage to get the ball every time an attempt misses. If you’re one of those who often catch nothing but air, it might interest you to read on about the essential tips on how to jump higher in basketball:

  1. You should start putting some muscles in your calves. You can do this by beginning with a minimum of 50 calf raises until you are able to reach 500. This should be accompanied by about 400 toe raises, at the average. When doing the calf raising motion, you should not allow your heels to touch the ground. The landing pad of the stairs is the best place to do this particular workout. If this is properly done, leg muscles will be developed extensively.
  2. Perform up and down jumping motions for as long as you can tolerate it.
  3. Exercise your thighs by doing 50 squats during nighttime then gradually increase the number. Having stronger thighs is an assurance that you can already execute a high vertical jump.
  4. Build your upper abs by doing some crunches. In developing harder abs, don’t forget to include the lower abs by doing some reverse crunches. This should be done without limit or let up until you can feel the abs building up.
  5. Execute ten special sit-ups with your arms crossed. This is done by pausing for about twenty seconds when you reach the 45 degree angle position upon rising upwards.
  6. Develop muscles in your shoulders and biceps by performing routine exercises. Find techniques on jumping higher in basketball by optimizing exercises where you gain most benefits. There is more force that you can give into a jump if you can swing your arms simultaneously.

As a reminder, always start with body stretches before doing the 6 tips on how to jump higher in basketball. Additionally, never wear weights in your ankles since this will put too much pressure on the Achilles tendon which may cause it to snap. If you plan to execute the 6 tips, rest for about 60 to 90 seconds before proceeding to the next routine. As usual, this should be supplemented by proper nutritional diet.

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